LA City Council opposes Delta Tunnel Scheme

 The Los Angeles City Council yesterday (March 21) voted unanimously to oppose staged construction of a proposed $10.7 billion Delta tunnel project if  any more costs fall on Los Angeles water customers.

 California Department of Water Resources (DWR) officials last month announced the staged construction as part of its California Waterfix project. The project would funnel water from the Sacramento River into one of proposed 35-miles tunnels to transport Northern Californiasouthern part of the delta through two 35-mile tunnels.

   The two tunnel proposed is estimated to cost nearly $17 million but DWR, short of financial backers, say they can build only one tunnel for $10.7 billion.

  The City Council's 13-0 vote directs the city's chief legislative analyst, if necessary, to draft a resolution opposing the Metropolitan Water District's, involvement in the project. Met, aSouthern California water wholesaler has offered to put up $4.3 billion to help finance the project.

The Los Angeles Times reported recently that Met staffers are exploring the possibility of the district picking up the unfunded portion of building both tunnels, which would increase the cost to the MWD of around $11 billion.

  The Sierra Club and Food and Water Watch contend the project could further harm the Delta and is a waste of money.