Westlands acreage up sharply in 2011 but the state claims Mendota unemployment is also up to a record 42.3 percent. Say what?

Remember the great Westlands Water District protest in the year of 2009 when the western Fresno County farm town of Mendota, with its alleged 40 percent unemployment rate, was made the poster child for the Westlands cry for more water?  Well, now comes word that Westlands planted acreage in 2011, a very good water year, was up 139,000 acres, the highest in a decade.  What was the Mendota unemployment this year, according to the California Empoloyment Development Department?  A record 42.3 percent. Dr. Jeffrey Michael, Director of the Business Forecasting Center at the University of the Pacific, says the Mendota EDD unmployment numbers are just as inaccurate  now as they were in 2009 and Mendota employment is actually around 25 percent this year and was at 30 percent in 2009. Why isn't the mainstream media covering this?  To learn more, check out Dr. Michael's blog HERE.