"Want water with that rice?"

   Mike Wade of the California Farm Water Coalition made the following comment (Aug. 11) about the Hay/ Rice/drought posting:  "'up to as much as 100 inches per acre' for rice is an outrageous claim and a blatant attempt to spread false information."

  That estimate - up to 100 inches of water for some problem rice soils - comes from a paper on rice economics written by Dr. Elmer Learn, professor emeritus at UC Davis Department of Agriculture Economics, and an Executive Vice Chairman emeritus at UC Davis.  You can read Dr. Learn's 1993 paper HERE and judge for yourself.  The authors never implied ALL rice requires 100 inches of water a year. 

     If Mr. Wade is going to accuse the authors of a blatant attempt to spread false information he also needs to level that charge at Dr. Learn and UC Davis.

- Patrick Porgans & Lloyd Carter

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